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Piled High - A Spotlight on Rugs

Several designers have suggested beginning the design process with area rugs.  By working from the floor up you can ground the room (quite literally!) and create a color palette all in one purchase.  Not to mention, a rug can easily imply the vibe of the room to guests.  How, you ask?  Picture a stiff, low pile rug next to a dense, plush one.  Which makes you want to kick your shoes off and stay awhile?  They each have their place in a room, as long as it's the right room.  If you're having trouble deciding, keep in mind the amount of traffic expected in the space so constant trekking through doesn't dampen your under-foot cushion.

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The most common mistake people make when choosing an area rug is the size.  Small rugs can actually make a room feel even smaller.  By expanding the corners to include the furniture you can actually create the sense of a larger space.  When the pattern or color underneath is spread out it encompasses all the surrounding elements, making them look all part of a cohesive plan.  Reese Witherspoon's living room is the perfect example!  The opposite can also be achieved, as area rugs are also great to break up a space.  They create... you guessed it, areas!  Now, that reading nook can stake out its' own little territory.

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Layering rugs has become increasingly common over the past decade and add another layer of interest to a room.  Designer Antony Todd uses this hip trend in his apartment shown below.  The bottom rug brings together all the furniture in the room, while the zebra throw separates the main seating from the window nook.  Twice the design for twice the fun!  If you're going for the layered look, remember to coordinate them each with the room, but also with each other, let only one be the showstopper, and avoid tripping hazards.


Now, what you've all been waiting for!  Here's a roundup of a few of my favorite rooms featuring beautiful rugs.

With neutral furniture, this Surya Aimee Wilder rug is allowed to make a statement, and boy does it!  Hello world, I'm awake and ready to go!   The interesting pattern and bright Pantone colors definitely make this space enviable.
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The black and white rug below calms down a very bright and cheerful living room.  Coordinated with the geometric art on the wall art and floral runner on the side table, this photo is the perfect example of how the space underneath can tie in elements throughout a room.

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This geometric Madeline Weinrib wool flat weave rug is the perfect touch of interest for this monochromatic living room.  The contrasting rectangles underfoot create a enough of a focal point to keep away a case of the stuffies in this high class space. 
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Not only do I love the pattern of this rug, it is the prefect size for the room!  It encompasses both nightstands, the bed, and the ottoman with enough extension to avoid cutting off the space.  Between tying everything together and reinforcing the room's color scheme, what more could you ask from a rug?
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What is your favorite way to use rugs in your home?  Do you prefer neutrals or something that
stands out?  How about the layered look?  Comment and share your thoughts!

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