Friday, July 20, 2012

Design Rush: Muse Interiors

"She does not choose beauty over function. She chooses both."

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This entire post was inspired by the living room above.  I originally came across it on the Houzz website and the small details just blew me away.  I followed the link to Muse Interiors and at first sight of the homepage I knew I was in for something great.  As I scrolled through the portfolio, each photo made me fall in love even more than the last.  Not to mention, my favorite office I mentioned in week 2 of Just Squeaks was their work... Fate!  There wasn't a single space that didn't make me squeak in awe, which is pretty rare.

Muse Interiors is a small (but dynamite) company in Connecticut started by Lauren Muse in 2000.  With the help of her two assistants Ryan and Lucy, beautiful rooms are created.  Judging by her press portfolio, this lovely lady is going places.  But by far, my favorite thing on the website is a quote in the description of Lauren: "She does not choose beauty over function. She chooses both."  Damn.  If that's not a wonderful design mantra I don't know what is.

So join me as I drool over these squeakalicious designs!  And since I can't fit their entire website in this post, check it out because there are plenty more where these came from!

Have you been so swept away with a designer's work you just couldn't wait to share?
Comment and dish on your design hero.  Enjoy your weekend!

**All information and photos are from the Muse Interiors website.

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