Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Don't Kick the Bucket!

It seems pretty commonplace these days to have a bucketlist.  Lifed actually made a pretty decent list of all the worldy adventures you could do.  Between that and the 101 in 1001 started on Design Darling, I was inspired to actually put mine up on my blog as a way to make it more concrete and make myself more accountable. 

My list includes some short-term goals, some long-term ones, and some that are ongoing.  Some I've never done, some I've already done and want to do again, and unfortunately, some I may never do.  I like to always be moving forward, so I'll be adding new ones as I think of them to keep things interesting!

As I complete things on the list I'll put $10 in a special savings account to put towards reaching some of the other goals.  So join me on this bucketlist adventure and let me know of things I should add!

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So far there's 115 things on my list, including:
  1. Complete at least 5 DIYs.
  2. Treat myself to a full-on spa day/weekend. (Incl. hair cut, eyebrow wax, mani-pedi, facial, full-body massage)
  3. Watch at least 5 of Katharine Hepburn's movies. (My namesake!)
  4. Wear something really fashionably daring.
  5. Take each of my nephews out on their own 'Day of Fun' and spoil them.
  6. Live in a state outside the DMV. (DC, Maryland, Virginia)
  7. Plant my own tree & watch it grow.
  8. Take an aqua aerobics class.
  9. Shoot a round at a gun range.
  10. See a TED talk live.
  11. Establish a professional design portfolio.
  12. Come up with my personal design statement.
  13. Keep the blog going for at least a year. (Hopefully much longer!)
  14. Find at least 5 blogs to follow that aren't style or design related. (1/5)
  15. Learn at least 10 words/phrases in sign language. (2/10)
  16. Visit somewhere new every year.
  17. Read at least 12 books a year.
  18. Do a closet purge every spring and fall.
  19. Visit at least 5 Northern Virginia wineries. (1/5)
  20. Keep a plant (besides bamboo) alive for more than a year.

Check out the full list & my progess here and subscribe to Just Squeaks on the right side of the homepage!

Do you have a bucket list?  Share what's on yours!

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