Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Inspiration Pitstop: IKEA Home & Garden Show

This picture was so inspiring I just couldn't wait to blog about it!  There are so many elements that make this room fantastic I don't even know where to begin...

via Apartment Therapy

I had just finished reading a post at Honey & Fitz about having headboards against windows when I came across this photo.  To be honest with you, if I hadn't just read that post this bedroom may not have stood out to me much.  But I did, and it did, so as I looked at it further I realized there weren't actually windows behind those curtains.  I later discovered it's because this was part of the IKEA Home & Garden Show, but regardless I thought, Brilliant! Who says you actually have to have windows to hang curtains?  Maybe this isn't much of a ground-breaking moment to you, but for me it seemed like a radical revelation that opened up so many possibilities.  The ceiling to floor draperies make the space seem so grand and warm, while being more flexible and budget-friendly than regular wall treatments like wallpaper.  You can change the curtains out by season to give your space a whole new look in less than 5 minutes!

The dramatic curtains led me to notice to the bedsides, which were also so wonderfully chosen.  I am a big advocate of symmetrical balance with asymmetrical elements sprinkled in.  The matching tables and lamps create a sense of unity while other items bring in individual personalities, making the space seem real.  Add in the layered colors and textures in the bedding and the gallery style wall and this room hits all the high notes! 

What is your favorite thing about this room?  Have you ever been so inspired by a single room or image?  Comment and share!

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