Don't Kick the Bucket!

It seems pretty commonplace these days to have a bucket list.  Lifed actually made a pretty decent list of all the worldly adventures you could do.  Between that and the 101 in 1001 started on Design Darling, I was inspired to actually put mine up on my blog as a way to make it more concrete and make myself more accountable.  My list includes some short-term goals, some long-term ones, and some that are ongoing.  Some I've never done, some I've already done and want to do again, and unfortunately, some I may never do.  I will be adding new ones as they pop up, as life only moves forward when you do.

I plan on crossing off the things on this list as much as possible.  As I do so I'm going to put $10 in a special savings account to put towards reaching some of the other goals.  So join me on this bucket list adventure and let me know of things I should add!

          In the next year, I want to...
  1. Complete at least 5 DIYs.
  2. Learn to mix a real cocktail.
  3. Take a cooking classThree course meal with Kelly at Cookology ~ August 2012
  4. Find a better jewelry organization system.
  5. Be a DC tourist for a weekend.
  6. Go fruit-picking.
  7. Learn how to cook at least one meal really well.
  8. Treat myself to a full-on spa day/weekend. (Incl. hair cut, eyebrow wax, mani-pedi, facial, full-body massage)
  9. Find a beauty regimen that works for my skin.
  10. Watch at least 5 of Katharine Hepburn's movies. (My namesake!)
  11. Visit at least 5 Northern Virginia wineries. (1/5)
  12. Spend a day with my dad on his boat.
  13. Plan a wedding on my own. ~ September 1, 2012
  14. Learn at least 10 words/phrases in sign language. (2/10)
  15. Eat a meal from a food truck.
  16. Find something interesting to do with my hair.  Dyed auburn! ~ August 2012
  17. Wear something fashionably daring.
  18. Read a biography/autobiography.
  19. Find at least one Podcast to follow.
  20. Find the perfect lipstick and try playing up lips instead of eyes.
  21. Find the perfect work suit.
  22. Find at least 5 blogs to follow that aren't style or design related.  List posted here.
  23. Finish my exercise binder.
  24. Take a self-defense class.
  25. Wear false eyelashes.
  26. Learn more about finance and invest in something in addition to my 401k.
  27. Have a "no" week.
  28. Have a "yes" week.
  29. Learn all about a completely random topic.
  30. Eat healthy for an entire week.
  31. Find a good Chinese take-out restaurant in Leesburg.
  32. Find the perfect fitting bra.  Thank you Victoria's Secret! ~ July 2012
  33. Take each of my nephews out on their own 'Day of Fun' and spoil them.
  34. Geocache for a day.
  35. Watch a Marilyn Monroe movie.
  36. Participate in the 30 for 30 challenge.

    In my lifetime, I'd like to...
  37. Attend a mystery murder dinner.
  38. Visit all 50 states. (13/50)
  39. Visit 6 of the 7 continents. (Not really a fan of the cold, so I'll leave out the Arctic.) (2/6)
  40. Live in a state outside the DMV. (DC, Maryland, Virginia)
  41. Visit the 7 Wonders of the World (2007 list). (1/7)
  42. Become proficient in another language.
  43. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  44. Go back to New Orleans during Mardi Gras.
  45. Ride an elephant.
  46. Get a Master's degree.
  47. Become a foster parent.
  48. Fly first-class with Emirate Airlines.
  49. Go on a cruise.
  50. Be someone's hero/mentor.
  51. Throw someone a surprise party.
  52. Befriend a neighbor.
  53. Plant my own tree & watch it grow.
  54. Visit Easter Island, Chile.
  55. Show up at an airport and take the next flight out.
  56. Rescue an animal.
  57. Take a vacation alone.
  58. Invest in a Burberry scarf or coat.
  59. Volunteer for a cause.
  60. Finish and frame a puzzle to hang in my home.
  61. See Cirque du Soleil live.  Dralion ~ August 2012 
  62. See a play on Broadway.
  63. Go all out for a Halloween costume.
  64. Crash a wedding.
  65. Be a tutor.
  66. Be an extra in a movie.
  67. Get a promotion.
  68. Be an interviewer, not an interviewee for a job.
  69. Learn a new skill.
  70. Pick up a new hobby.
  71. Own a hammock.
  72. Finish organizing my iTunes. (If you saw how big it was, you'd understand why it's not a year goal.)
  73. Take a big risk in life.
  74. Live alone.
  75. Surprise my parents with a gift they'd both enjoy.
  76. Take an aqua aerobics class.
  77. Ride a motorcycle, vespa, or moped at least once.
  78. Invest in classic accessories.
  79. Go on safari.
  80. Take an underwater photo.
  81. Learn a greeting in at least 10 languages. (4/10)
  82. Learn to play a song on the piano.
  83. Take vocal lessons.
  84. Shoot a gun.
  85. Learn more about Buddhism.
  86. Make my own pottery on a wheel.
  87. Finish an entire scrapbook.
  88. Keep a plant (besides bamboo) alive for more than a year.
  89. See a TED talk live.
  90. Streak my hair with a fun color. (Hope I can squeeze this one in before I'm too old!)
  91. Go a month without eating out.
  92. Get a pen pal.
  93. Attend a Crabfest.
  94. Learn how to tie a man's tie.
  95. Go ziplining.

    To be design ready, I've got to...
  96. Be able to articulately describe my design style.
  97. Get a MacBook.
  98. Learn Photoshop or Illustrator.
  99. Get a job related to interior design. (Freelance, part-time, or full-time.) ~ September 2012
  100. Establish a professional design portfolio.
  101. Come up with my personal design statement.
  102. Give an old piece of furniture a makeover.
  103. Learn to sew.
  104. Interview a designer I admire.
  105. Turn a closet into something fun.
  106. Have a desk & an inspiration board.

    For Just Squeaks, my goal is to...

  • Keep the blog going for at least a year. (Hopefully much longer!)
  • Design and post a room from scratch.  First seen here, then also here. ~ August 2012
  • Make a blogger friend a real life friend.
  • Be featured on another blog.

    To keep things going, I should...

  • Visit somewhere new every year.
  • Read at least 12 books a year.
  • Do a closet purge every spring and fall.
  • Find a church and start going every week.
  • Find the right vitamin regimen and stick to it.

  • Started: July 17, 2012

    Bucket List Fund:  $80

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