Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Haters Gonna Hate

This is a story of a very drunk man and a young woman.  These happenings may or may not be true (they are) and are certain to provide at least a little chuckle to start your day.  So let's set the stage, shall we.

While working this past weekend I was introduced to a man who works in the architecture/design industry.  I couldn't seem to get the real details, as he could only ramble on about eggshell finish chairs.  When told I was working towards joining the interior design industry, the lecture began...

He proceeded to tell me that I could go into residential design and make pennies per project or commercial design and make decent money but be bored to tears because there was basically no creative freedom in hotel lobbies.  He then asked me to "pick my poison" and when I said that I loved all design in general, though I was thinking of focusing more so on residences he laughed in my face and told me it was inevitable I'd become destitute.  I told him that being happy was more important to me than having tons of money and I would find ways to get by (I'm already working two jobs and going to school, afterall).  Cue laughter.  I thought this was one - extremely rude, but two - pretty comical how much of a hipocritical turn this conversation was taking.
country modern living room A Real Accent {Wall}
 The conversation (I use this term loosely as I wasn't really allowed to speak, only to nod) continued as he rambled on about how you can only make money if you are asked to completely build a house from scratch and pick out all custom furniture, otherwise you'd be painting a wall pink.  Those are the only two options - full scale remodel or a solitary pink wall.  On and on about how in New York City you can be paid extra to ignore laws like OSHA and EPA, but in DC politics is so prevalent that all rules must be followed exactly, including union wages.  According to him, this turns a $9 million project into a $16 million project, but going to painters not designers.

His next point was that the design industry was fascinated by gay males.  Because I was not a homosexual man myself, no one would be interested in me or my ideas.  And if I were to get into home design I would have to become part of a large firm (otherwise I'd be out on the streets, remember?), which would inevitably be run by a gay man.  He also so kindly pointed out that he couldn't believe that I was able to succeed in the event industry.  He implied that it was near impossible and he thought I was lying to myself and others that this was how I made my living.

At this point I would like to remind you this is a real conversation I had with someone.  I can't make this shit up...

Finally after about 15 minutes of my life that I'll never get back, my roommate came over to save me from the constant lecturing and ridicule.  She told me later that after I left he told her she needed to "watch out for me because I wanted to do some pretty adventurous things" and I needed help.

It's so insane I can't even be mad.  I can only take away two things from this exchange:

One - Bitches be crazy.  People can't seem to grasp the concept of common courtesy and I've come to the conclusion that if my career in design never happens, there's always an opening in the world hosting etiquette classes to teach people what is and is not appropriate to say to people they've just met.  (Hint:  Insulting their career and life choices probably not the best option.)

Two - Haters gonna hate.  Coworkers, family, and random drunken strangers all seem to have their opinion on my life choices.  But I'm smart enough to realize I can't change their minds, nor do I need to.  I can guarantee that nothing these people have said to me are things I haven't already thought about on my own.  The difference is I believe in myself and if nothing else, have been smart enough to gain an array of skills that I can fall back on if I am forced to choose a different career path. 

Sometimes you just have to laugh and tell the haters to step back and watch you shine.

Have you ever had someone try to squash your dreams?
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  1. Great post! So true, there are idiots everywhere, you just can't escape it. The important thing is that you know what is real and true, and that you have the right attitude about it and how you treat other people.

  2. Thanks! You are so right, a good attitude and kindness can get you a lot further than negativity. :)