Friday, August 17, 2012

Bucket List Check-In - 3x the Fun + 2x the Challenge

I'm happy to announce I can now mark three items off my bucket list this week!

1)   This past Monday, my friend Kelly generously invited me to a cooking class with her at Cookology in the local mall.  I had an absolute blast making three courses, all of which were amazingly easy and delicious!  We made vinaigrette from scratch, arroz con pollo, and then chocolate mousse from scratch topped with macerated berries.  My presentation skills were lacking so this photo doesn't do it justice, but I had a great time!  Not to mention we ended up with some leftovers so I had round 2 of deliciousness last night.

Take a cooking class.  CHECK!
2)   In addition to the 70+ fashion and design blogs I've subscribed to through my Google Reader, I wanted to "broaden my horizons" if you will with a few blogs on varying topics.  The goal I set out for was 5, which I've reached, though I hope to keep adding more on topics like psychology, etc.  So far the ones I follow include:
  • Life After College - A coaching type blog set forth to cover topics about tons of life aspects like finance, career, goals
  • From Shopping to Saving - A personal finance blog with an author who's voice I really enjoy reading
  • The Daily Love - Posts about all things from motivation to love to losing weight along with daily quotes (which you know I'm a sucker for!)
  • Get Rich Slowly - Tips on how to stay out of debt and build wealth (putting me closer to another bucket list item of finding out more about investments)
  • Zen Habits - Articles on things such as simplicity, minimalism, and living in the moment
Find at least 5 blogs to follow that aren't style or design related. CHECK!

3)   Because I still am early on with my interior design schooling I've been sort of nervous to take the plunge and actually e-design rooms.  I'm not sure why it seems more daunting than designing one in real life since I do that all the time, but I finally decided to get over it and push myself.  So far, I've put together boards for two rooms: a nursery for my recently born niece Gabriella and a photo-inspired European dining room.

Design and post a room from scratch.  CHECK!

I also attempted to knock another one off the list, which was find good Chinese take-out in Leesburg, but so far no luck.  Sadly my Mongolian Beef was not as delicious as that of P.F. Chang's.  Maybe that's too high a standard...?

I've also added two new items to the list:
  • Learning how to tie a man's tie (A skill everyone should know before becoming a wife.)
  • Go ziplining (If the OC Housewives can handle it then I certainly can.)
  • Participate in the 30 for 30 challenge

What are some things you would suggest to add to my list?
What's on your bucket list?  Comment below and share!

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