Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Plans

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Plans are a funny thing.  Everyone is always promoting the importance of planning, and failing to do so is planning to fail.... You know, all those motivational clichés.  But no matter how much you plan, life or fate or whatever it is you believe in gets in the way.

I'm a planner through and through.  I've never been a "let the chips fall where they may" kinda gal; it just didn't suit me and my worrywart personality.  As a close friend pointed out, I know what I want, which at my age is somewhat rare.  To know what you want out of life and your relationships is certainly not a bad thing and should never be apologized for.  Sure, my ideas and paths will change over time; that's inevitable.  But I will continue to plan, even if it means I have to lap the alphabet a few times!

What plans have you made lately?  Did they force you to make your
way through a few letters? 
Comment and share, I'd love to know!

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