Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Chasing Dreams

Chasing the dreams that we want
is a PRESENT MOMENT activity.
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This little bite of wisdom came from Mastin Kipp, the creator and contributor of The Daily Love, one of the non-fashion/design blogs I frequent.  This thought resonated with me because of where I'm at in my career path.  I am incredibly passionate about interior design, and so badly want to be doing it as full-time.  Unfortunately, there are a few things standing in my way at the moment by the names of experience and education.
I'm making the small steps I need to make my dream a reality - night classes, blogging, working to build a portfolio.  But sometimes those small steps don't feel like enough.  Mastin did a great job of reminding me that I have to always keep the end goal and mind and if I really want it, I will workworkwork until I get there.  It may not take up all my moments, but it has to be present.  So here's to it!
What dreams are you chasing right now?
Do you have other quotes that help you make it through the "getting there"?

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