Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bucket List Check-In + 5 Hair Care Tips

Remember that Bucket List I started last month?  So far I've only checked off one thing - finding the perfect fitting bra thanks to our trusty gal Victoria (word around town is she has a Secret...).  Well, after this week we can check another item off the list! 

During my recent visit home I went to my salon and dyed my hair!  I've had pretty much the same hair color and style my entire life.  With super thin and curly hair, it's hard to find styles that work for me that don't take a long time.  My usual pattern is to grow it super long, cut to my shoulders and donate, then repeat the process. Over. And over. And over... I have never dyed my hair (although I have tried an at-home highlight before wayyyy back when) so I would definitely say this qualifies as "something interesting."  I wanted a big change but nothing too high maintenance or damaging so auburn was the perfect color choice for me.

Below is a picture of me two days before the salon with my natural, dark brown hair (and another cameo by the cutest little baby, Ella!).  I don't have any pictures of myself with the new 'do yet, but the celebrity photos underneath are a good compilation of about where my hair color is now.  Drastic change!  I'm still experiencing that weird feeling where you walk past a mirror and don't recognize yourself, but I'm starting to get used to it and I love it!

AFTER  (via, via, via)

I try to take pretty good care of my hair, especially since it is so thin, which is why I have avoided dying it for so long.  But even with a little color boost, you can still keep your tresses in top condition.

1.  Natural - Just because your hair color isn't natural, doesn't mean it shouldn't look like it is!  Let me pause and say that I wish I could get a pink or purple streak, but since the professional world sees that as a no-no, I've got to stick to normal hair colors, at least for now.  But what I really mean when I suggest going for natural, is go for something that looks like you could have been born with it.  I know I would never look good blonde because it's too far off my natural color, plus that would be a dual-process (bleach then dye) which is more harsh chemicals, so I went for auburn.  The red still makes it a big change but the brown undertone keeps it looking natural with my skin tone and the rest of my body hair so I didn't have to do a full-body dye!  (Full disclosure: I'm also secretly hoping it means I won't have to do as many root-touchups and save that extra $.)

2.  Pictures - If you're getting your hair done, bring in pictures of exactly how you want your hair to look - cut, color, anything.  There are countless shades of colors out there so you should really provide a visual of the look you're going for so your stylist can fully understand what it is you want, and then she can deliver.  Then you can discuss before the cuts start happening whether your hair type is actually correctly suited for the style you want.

3.  Stylist - Speaking of your stylist, if you're paying the extra money to have someone else treat your hair, put that money to good use!  Make sure you really trust them, then ask as many questions as you can.  Style tricks, brand suggestions, color advice.  This is what they do for a living, after all, so look to them for guidance on how to best treat your unique hair. 

4.  Sulfate free -  When I was talking to my stylist to figure out the best way to keep my color she said the biggest rule is to avoid sulfates.  These aren't great for you anyway so even if you don't color treat your hair I'd say go for it.  But when I went to the store to get some new shampoo you'd be amazed at how many have sulfates in them, including the salon brands.  Pretty much every single one!!!  In all of Target I found only two sulfate-free conditioners -  L' Oreal EverPure and Alba Hawaiian.  The L' Oreal was out of stock (go figure) and I didn't really enjoy the mango smell of the Alba version,  so I decided to use this opportunity as an excuse to buy some Living Proof products I've had my eye on recently. Once I get it and try it out I'll give a review of it here for all you other curly thin girls out there (pretty please tell me I'm not alone with this hair woe).

5.  TLC - I know it seems impossible, but avoid heat styling as much as possible.  I try to wear my hair in its' naturally curly state as much as possible, which of course has the added bonus of only taking about 1 minute to style.  If you have to use a blow dryer or flat iron, use a heat protectant before to safeguard your locks.  I know for me and my very fine hair it's not really an option, but if you can avoid washing everyday that can also boosts your hair health.  You want to keep as much of your natural oil as possible since your body makes it for a reason!  Cleaning, moisturizing, and safe styling will keep your hair healthier and looking beautiful longer.

In conclusion, woohoo for checking an item off my bucket list!  I also have a couple other items on my List I'll be crossing off in the next week or so, so stay tuned for another Bucket List Check-In!

Have you ever done anything crazy to your hair?
What are your secret hair care tipcs and tricks?
Comment and share!

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