Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Canopy of Dreams

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Growing up all little girls dream of having beautiful drapes encompassing their bed like a Disney princess.  Ok, maybe not all little girls... But definitely this one!  Can you blame me though?  Have you ever paid attention to the bedrooms of Belle, Aurora, Jasmine, and Ariel?  Wonderful canopies for everyone!

Even though this type of drapery started out as an additional layer for privacy and warmth, it quickly developed into a new form of decoration, which is how we know it today.  So while this style can certainly be fit for little princesses all over, canopies can be done tastefully so that any adult could be proud to sport one.  See for yourself!

                         Phoebe Howard creates a clean yet warm bedroom that is dainty without being overly frilly.  And talk
                         about a royal feel... look at that intricate canopy top!  I could certainly lay in bed just staring at the
                         ceiling for hours.

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This daybed from the Italian furniture artisan, Giusti Portos, provides the relaxed feel of a hammock while bringing a touch of luxury.  Top of the squeak list!
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 As if I didn't love Jonathan Adler enough already, coming across this Parker Palm Springs room certainly did the trick.  Why stop at a bed when you can canopy an entire room?  It really completes the vibe of the space and the fabric choice is perfectly dreamy.
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   This grand canopy takes center stage above the bed while working in the colors of the room.  With such an open room having the drapery knotted is a perfect way to avoid making the space feel smaller.
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I cannot get over this one!  The lightweight drapery mixed with the large, ornate frame on the ceiling is the perfect combination for an overall glamourous space. 

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This French room is gorgeous on it's own, but I especially like how the drapery is pulled out to make the bed an even bigger focal point.  Can you believe there's an entire blog dedicated to canopy beds? 
France, dating back to the
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  The rooms at Villa Walmi in Bali show that canopies don't have to be limited to a traditional or ethnic style room.  Their luxurious modern spaces are the perfect platform for the romantic drapery.  Let's go to Bali and check them out first hand!
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If you're looking to create canopy in your own home, check out these photos below for some inspiration.

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