Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Photo Inspiration - Blue, Green, & Happy All Over

This room immediately caught my eye when I came across it on Pinterest.  (The source was a dead end so if anyone knows please tell me and I can credit appropriately.)  I figured the best way to keep track of it would be to write a post about it, since this is a blog of what inspires me, afterall.

What I like:
  • The two small tables next to each other to creating a coffee table.  This is a great idea for a small space because you can separate and place them elsewhere if you need the middle of the room to be more spacious for a party, etc.
  • The unique ceiling.  I can't tell exactly what it is from this photo, but it has the look of very light, paneled wood, which I wouldn't usually go for, but in this space I think it goes very nicely, especially with the abstract shape of the room.
  • The color scheme.  The mix of blues and greens is very relaxing, yet cheerful.  This room also has the perfect balance of the neutrals and both colors that makes the whole thing flow together nicely.
  • The layout.  I think that whoever designed this room hit the nail on the head for the best way to utilize such a small and narrow space.  Everything is open and free, yet there are obvious zones.  I would live here any day.

What I would change:
  • The rug.  It dulls out the room a little too much for me with its' faded face and outdated pattern.  I would much rather see something like this beneath my feet if this room were mine.  It would definitely add a little punch to the room and create a focal point.
  •  The armless couch.  I actually love how it looks in this space, especially because there is such a narrow walkway at one end, but I personally could never survive with an armless couch.  Where would I sit (cause you know, that's what they're actually for...), or lean on, or whatever else I love those little buggers for?!
  • The popcorn machine.  I love that there's something unique in the space, but you can have your popcorn, momma loves her ice cream!  If I can have an at-home machine it's definitely going to be an ice cream maker.  With tons of cookie dough, caramel, chocolate, and other delicious add-ins at my fingertips.  Please excuse me while I daydream about all that deliciousness...

What do you think of the room?  Comment to share what you like and what you would change. 
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