Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pedal to the Metal

Do you like to make your wardrobe or your house sparkle?  If so, you are not alone, my friend.  If not, maybe seeing these photos will change your mind.  2012 has been big on metallics, so let's talk shiny!

The term metallic generally refers to colors in the silver or gold family, as well as bronze and copper.  But it doesn't have to stop there!  Any color can be given the metallicized look by adding in metal flakes (or a sparkled sheen when it comes to makeup or wardrobe).  This gives you endless possibilities... But be careful!  Because metallics command attention, they are best used in small doses to avoid being overly bold or cheap-looking.  Pairing them with deep colors can help ground them and create a more pleasing space or outfit.

Here's a roundup of some great ways to bling out you and your home.

For You 
via Mama Knows, Southern Charm, & Real Beauty
Left:  Feeling daring?  Take a page out of the runway handbook and choose a staple garment in a very loud metallic and you'll be sure to turn heads.  These floral jeans would certainly do the trick.

Center:  If you want to make a statement not a shout, try a shimmery yet subdued blazer like the Emilio Pucci one Blake Lively wore in Gossip Girl.  This foil linen one from Anthropologie can fit the more budget-friendly bill.

Right:  Kate Beckinsale provides the perfect example for testing out the metallic waters with her subtle silver eyeshadow.  If you want to try a trend out and see if you feel comfortable, try working it into your look through makeup or accessories.  Between Nars and Stila you can have all the metallic colors you dream of right at your eyelashes.
via Naturalizer

Or check out Naturalizer, where I picked up the flat sandal version of these shiny babies last summer to trek around Europe.  They are amazing!  After breaking my foot, Naturalizer is my go-to brand for shoes because you don't need to sacrifice comfort for beauty!  And at $79 you don't have to break the bank either!

 For Your Home 

via Pottery Barn & Tonic Home

Left:  Mercury is very hot right now, and these antiqued candlesticks can bring glam to any mantel, especially when layered in front of a gilded mirror.  Two metallics for one!  If you're looking for a touch of shimmer without the overwhelming shine, antique and gilded finishes are the perfect way to create understated glitz.

Right:  Tell me you don't love this gold leaf table. With a mirror top and that beautiful graphic design, it's the perfect way to glam up any space!  Because it isn't a visually heavy piece, it can be the subtle detail that plays off a beautifully covered bed, or sit next to a sofa as the perfect spot for your books or a vase full of flowers.

Pinned Image
via Houzz

If you're interested in giving your walls some panache, try Benjamin Moore's metallic paints, as mentioned in Sketch 42.  Or try using the same paint color in a matte for the entire wall, with high gloss squares being painted to give that metallic interest to the room like this photo.  Pretty sweet don't you think? 

What's your favorite way to add some shimmer
shine to your wardrobe or home? 
Found any great
metallic buys lately?  Comment & share!

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