Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mix or Match?

The time-old question  should furniture be mixed or matched?  The majority of designers and trade magazines will suggest mixing furniture to add character to a room, yet furniture stores still sell room sets.  My mom and sister both prefer buying furniture sets, whereas I tend to combine various pieces.  So which is right for you?  Here are a few pros, cons, and examples to help you decide.

 Matching Sets

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 Pro:  With a matching furniture set, any other furniture you may need to get is easier to find because you have only one design to pair it with.

Con:  Sets tend to pidgeon-hole a room with a specific look or time-period more so than several pieces collected over time that complement rather than match exactly.
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Pro:   Rooms become easier to decorate when all the furniture is exactly the same and can act as a jumping point for accessories.

Con:  Sets bring very little personality to a space and can come across as dull.  Your room can very easily look like several others' who bought the same set.

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Pro:  Most value furniture stores and big box companies sell furniture in sets, making it easy if you are in need of something quickly.

Con:  Spaces can feel cluttered when too much of the same color, pattern, and texture are in such close proximity. 

Mixing Items
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Pro:  If a specific piece speaks to you, it can be incorporated into a room without looking out of place.

  Mixing items that complement one another can require a lot of time, thought, and energy.

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Pro:  Mixing modern and traditional pieces can keep a room looking timeless, which can mean less major overhauls will be needed, saving money in the long run.

Con:  Without some continuity or repition, the space can feel overwhelming or disorganized.

room: Bedroom, Traditional room by Janette Mallory Interior Design, Inc.
Janette Mallory via House Beautiful

  Rooms become more interesting when pieces are unique and create places for your eye to gravitate towards.

  Buying separates can become more costly than a set, depending on the amount of time you are willing to spend or places you search.

What do you think?  Which do you prefer, mixing or matching?
Check back tomorrow for a follow-up post on how to mix furniture succcessfully!

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