Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Favorites

In honor of yesterday being the monthiversary of Just Squeaks, I wanted to give another round of my favorite things. 
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1. Tortoise Shell Watch.  I'm a huge fan of the tortoise shell design.  The mix of black and brown makes it a great neutral pattern that is still quite interesting.  It has become pretty popular in both fashion and home design, but my favorite use of it is in this Fossil watch I got last year.

2. Elephants.  I love these little giant babies.  I think these animals are so beautiful.  To me, they are the perfect mix of exotic and ethereal.  They're also said to be good luck when their trunks are up.  I have random elephant things all over my house, from jewelry to statues.  It is definitely on my bucket list to ride one before I die. 

3. Accent chairs.  My mom and boyfriend will probably both let out a knowing laugh as they read this.  A room doesn't seem complete to me without an unexpected pop, and accent chairs are my favorite way to do this.  I begged my mother (to no avail) to let me get an accent chair for their living room, and when it came time to decorate my new apartment my boyfriend came with me to countless stores on the hunt for the perfect chair (which I finally found at Home Goods).  The brighter and more patterned, the better!

4. Scarves.  Anyone who knows me will certainly back this one up... Scarves are my absolute obsession.  My collection has reached about 30 and every time I go shopping or even walk past a store that sells them, I have an intense internal battle over how much I love them but should really be putting that money towards something more practical.  They are the perfect accessory for any outfit, occasion, and the possible colors and patterns are endless!

What is your favorite animal?  How about your secret style obsession?
Comment and share your favorite things!

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