Friday, July 27, 2012

Don the 'Ron: Chevron Spans the Market

Earlier this week I was browsing Nordstrom's Anniversary sale and spoiler alert, way too many things are way too amazing.  At least with such huge discounts they're slightly more attainable.  Why I do this when I've already announced my credit card is on retreat I'll never know. Glutton for punishment, maybe?  But I digress... I came across this dress:

Look familiar?  As soon as I spotted it I knew I had seen the likes of it before...

Room Essentials® Chevron Comforter - White.Opens in a new window

That's right, Target shoppers!  They carry a duvet version of that couture dress in stores near you for a very affordable price.  Soak in the bliss...  Chevron is very in right now, as are teal and grey, so naturally this duvet stood out to me when I spotted it in the home aisle a few weeks back.

I considered using this chevron home line in Squeaks' apartment for about a mili-second before I realized it wasn't at all the look he goes for and is a little too young for him.  But when I saw that dress it took even more self control not to snag it, especially at a sale price of only $50!  And what do I do when I pass on owning beautiful things?  I blog about them so I can share them with you so you can own them and so I can  look back and remember them.

So whether you're a Target shopper or a Nordstrom shopper (or both), you can don the 'ron!

Which is your favorite, dressing or bedding?  Are you running to purchase one?
(P.S. Both is a totally acceptable answer!)

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