Monday, July 16, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude - Week 5

Last week was such a blur.  I've been super stressed out with everything going on lately, but this past weekend was one of the best in a very long time so I am bursting with happiness and gratitude!

  1. Last Tuesday I posted about my continuing luck when I won a gift card to Bedding Style from the lovely Melissa over at 320 Sycamore.  She is awesome, her blog is awesome, and I'm sure my new duvet and sheets will be equally... awesome! 
    beddingstyle collage
    via 320 Sycamore
  2. Friday I had a great night of darts and music with some new friends, which was the perfect way to unwind after a long week.  Saturday I went home for the annual Hog Roast hosted by one of my best friends, Cathy, and her family.  I squeak this girl and her family as much as my own and it was so awesome to finally see her after a whole year of separation!  And who doesn't love delicious food, drinks, and all the craziness that ensues at a summer party.  So I am beyond grateful for both old and new friends... you know what they say, one is silver and the other is gold!
  3. Celebrating her 21st
  4. I don't know how I went five weeks without mentioning this one (and for that I truly apologize), but I am grateful for Squeakers!  Even though we drive each other crazy sometimes, I know he'll always be there for me when I really need him...  He'll be there to push me past my comfort zone (even if I don't want him to), to help me make those big life decisions, to cheer me up, cheer me on, and support my dream of interior design.  So for all of that and much more, I am thankful to have him in my life.

Do you have any summer traditions?  Comment and share! 

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