Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mixing it Up... the Right Way!

Yesterday I posted about the benefits and drawbacks of mixing furniture rather than buying matching sets.  For a brief recap, some of the pros to mixing furniture include:
  1. The freedom to use any pieces you like, which can lead to a better reflection of yourself.
  2. Mixing styles can create a timeless look that saves money by avoiding the need of a massive redecoration.
  3. Furniture can become a focal point and build a unique atmosphere.

When mixing furniture in a room, the key is intention.  Everything chosen for the room should look as though it belongs, as though it was made to be surrounded by the other items in the space.  Before searching for new pieces to add to a space, know very clearly what you already have and what gaps need to be filled.  Mobile phones are great for this!  I take pictures on my phone of anything I need to match or complement, be it a necklace or an armchair.  And don't forget measurements!  If your perfect couch is 6" too big for your space, it probably won't look as dreamy as you're envisioning.  Scale and proportion are also mega important, and should always be considered.

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via Porter House Designs

A room with assorted furniture can end up feeling disorganized and uncomfortable.  Repetition is a must if you want to avoid this.  A sense of continuity can be created in many ways, including similar shapes, styles, time periods, colors, or fabrics.  This could mean a pair of accent chairs to brighten up the room, or it could mean furniture from all time periods being painted the same hue.  In the picture below, most of the furniture is square or rectangular, with few curves in sight.  This allows the modern, bright magenta cubes to coexist in the bedroom along with the antique black and white nightstand without seeming misplaced.  Repeating colors in the artwork, arm chair, and flowers tie the room together even further.

via Elle Decor

When deciding on what pieces to purchase, keep in mind if you want it to blend with the space or stand out as a focal point.  In the living room below, the furniture is kept neutral to combine the different styles while the accessories do the talking.  In the second photo, the dark elements all over the room allow the bar to steal the show with its bright seafoam green color, which is then repeated in the mosaic rug underneath to keep the space cohesive.

via Style at Home
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via House & Garden
When it comes to making a special piece of furniture match your space, don't be afraid to change it up a little!  If there's a chair you just know  would look great in the room but the fabric is awful, don't let that stand in your way!  There are reupholstery services everywhere, and if you're feeling adventurous you could even try to tackle it yourself with the help of online tutorials.  And why stop at the fabric?  If you think the frame would look better a different color, go for it!  Your home and your furniture should be a reflection of you, so make what you want, and what you have, work.

When have you mixed up your furniture to make a room look oh-so-you?
Do you have other tricks to making a space look cohesive?  Please share!

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