Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Office Lust

 With all the lovely photos of home offices surfacing lately via Pinterest and the blogosphere I can't help but wish I had a little desk nook in my apartment.  This is quite impractical since I work in operations and can't really bring my work home with me (don't get me wrong, this is certainly a perk) but some of these spaces are just so lovely!  Here are a few at the top of my squeak list:

via Ms Fabby

I love the large windows that let in plenty of natural light.  I can just imagine looking out onto a beautiful landscape and losing myself when in need of a little inspiration.  And did you notice that clock?  How adorable! 

Light home office with white storage unit and striped blinds | Study | Workspace | Decorating ideas | Storage | Housetohome | PHOTO GALLERY
via HousetoHome

Clean yet cozy, this office has plenty of storage to the left that is kept nice and organized with color-coordinated boxes and binders.  Not to mention that transparent globe is to die for!

via Live Creating Yourself

A black wall is one of the ultimate dramatics in a home.  It looks amazing in this office and really lets the art and books stand out.  I could totally be inspired sitting here.

via Zhush

I saved my favorite for last.  The setup is super convenient and I love the color scheme, brought together in every way, including the ceiling!

Unfortunately for me, no design classes are offered over the summer.  Come fall I'm back to being a part-time student and I just might have to make this dream into a reality.  Here are the essentials for my ideal home office:

  • Comfy chair - If I'm going to be working I need an incentive to stay put!
  • Inspiration board - A home office is a perfect place to corral all the things you love and hope to accomplish.
  • Clean slate - I'm not one for clutter so I like to keep a neat and orderly desktop to do my best work.
  • Plenty of storage - No matter what it is you need an office for, there are tons of random items that go into a finished product so using pretty binders and boxes helps to camouflage all the clutter.
  • Books - Not only can they make for interesting decoration, but who doesn't love to read?!  Perfect to have them close at hand in case you're looking for information, a distraction, or even some inspiration.
  • Window - I love windows.  I'm talking really, really love them. There's nothing a little sunshine and a peek outdoors can't cure so I always like to work near a window or door in case I feel like getting lost in thought for a little.  In fact, if it's my dream office I'd take a skylight while I'm at it!

Your turn!  What do you think of the offices I chose?  What would your ideal office include?

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