Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shoutout to Eclectic Design

"Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style."
I love this quote from Billy Baldwin because I find it especially useful when decorating for a real person, including myself!  When I first moved to my current apartment I had decided I was going to do a Moroccan theme for my bedroom.  I loved the style and so, it would be mine...  Except along the way I found so many beautiful things that I wanted to incorporate into the space but they didn't go with "my theme" so I talked myself out of them.  Then my wise friend Alejandra reminded me that if I liked it, who cares!  (Pause: That is not to say everything you like belongs in your home just because you like it.  All choices should have some thought behind them!) 

Bridget McMullin via Interior Design Pro
It's easy to get caught up in perfectly styled and themed homes on Pinterest or in the magazines, but the truth is the average person is best served through a mix of elements from various styles, rather than a single genre.  I suppose that's how the eclectic movement came about.  It's important to stay true to the function of your life and playing to all your interests, rather than limiting yourself to a single arbitrary theme, even if it is Moroccan and amazing.  Don't get me wrong, there should absolutely be a cohesiveness and it's always nice to pay homage to the intrinsic architecture of a home.  But I believe those things should serve as guiding tools, not a rule book.  Because first and foremost, design is a reflection of a person's life and personality.  And when you think about it, eclectic design actually requires more thought because you are finding a meaningful way to combine all the things in your life instead of compartmentalizing them.  So what do you think, are you up to the challenge?  Check out these photos below for some eclectic inspiration!

via Elle Decor
The traditional-style draperies and 1940s chairs still look lovely next to a modern coffee table and fun chandelier.

via Trendzona
A Victorian headboard juxtaposes with a vintage bedside.

via Pitut
This Louis XV chair has been upholstered in a bright rainbow fabric to add a modern feel, making it an eclectic piece all on its' own.  Squeaks all around!

What are your thoughts?  Do you tend to decorate around a theme or gather
things you believe to be beautiful and make them work?

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