Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pared-Down Gothic

My boyfriend is moving in the very near future and I am so excited because I am dying to decorate for him.  He always tells me he is into Gothic style but if you saw his apartment now you would never know it; there's hardly anything in there!  True bachelor pad, I suppose.  If I'm being totally honest, I wouldn't say Gothic was near the top of my design style favorites.  I like things to be a little more airy and definitely more brightly colored.  After I had to veto a few mugshot artworks (no joke), I decided to find some inspiration for a more contemporary Gothic style that Squeakers would enjoy without sending me running in fear. 

via Build Direct

 With just a hint of Gothic style, this utilitarian space screams masculinity.

via Shiny Interior

Various decorative items, including iron on the hearth, bring a subtle Goth flair to this living room.

via Punk Room Decor
This room features the typical elements of Gothic style -- Damask fabric, a gilded mirror, beautiful chandelier, black walls -- while bright pops of color and contemporary furniture shapes make the room feel more updated.

Religious Living Room-with-Contemporary-Gothic
Champagne Chic Interiors via Living Room Design Ideas
Iron balconies, a black fireplace, and deep punches of red bring a touch of Goth to this airy living room.

How did I do Squeakers, do you like these?
Anyone else planning on trying an updated Gothic look anytime soon?

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