Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nifty Neutrals

By definition, netural means lacking characteristic, but when it comes to interiors and style that is far from the case!  The list of neutrals has been growing, with people beginning to consider deep greens and even animal print as a neutral.  For design purposes, neutrals are the classic, timeless hues that can go with anybody's style, both in clothes and homes.  They set the background to let other elements shine without overpowering.  But what about pairing neutrals with themselves?  Here are a few amazing pairings that certainly don't lack characteristic.

Navy & Gray  These cool tones are such a classic combination.  They remind me of a calm ocean at night, or a cold winter's day (but in a good way!).  It risks becoming a little drab and even depressing so it's best when the colors are really saturated and bright pops of color are brought in, but as a neutral pairing the two really work great together.

bedrooms - Abstract art white bedding navy blue upholstered headboard nailheads metallic Horchow nightstands glass lamps gray-purple walls floral pillow
EJ Interiors via DecorPad
The pale gray walls and deep blue headboard keep this space looking clean and calming.

via Christina G Photography
Gray suits and navy vests give the groomsmen a classic look with a relaxed twist. This would be perfect for a winter wedding, don't you think?

Elegant blue and gray library, library, interior design, home interior
via Classic Interior Design
These cool watery tones keep this den looking luxurious and inviting. Not to mention, that wallpaper is truly amazing! 

Camel & Black  This is my favorite neutral combo of all.  I get excited just thinking about it!  Cheetah print, Burberry pattern, there's so much wonderful Camack all around!  (tTally made my own word there, just roll with it...)

Stella McCartney via Penny Loves Charlie
via Style Theories

White & Cream  I have to admit I used to be completely annoyed by this combination.  (Insert shamed face here...)  I saw it as trying to match something but falling just shy and landing with a weird jumble of color (or in this case, lack of color).  But in the past year or so I have actually started to totally love these two together.  When done right, the creams make a space look luxurious while keeping the clean freshness gained when using white.

via Javabali

That houndstooth couch, seriously?  Can you say SQUEAK?

Baby Girl Headband White and Cream Ivory Felt Flower Headband - Baptism Headband
via Etsy

This baby girl headband is adorable as can be!

via House to Home

Open layout, natural light, and Victorian furniture make this space breathtaking.

Tell me what you think!  Do these pairings make you squeak or snooze?
How do you use neutrals in your style?

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